Marvel's Agent Carter raises stakes

Posted by Alain Pierre-Lys on February 11, 2015 · 5 mins read

Agent Carter has managed to create a set of circumstances that viewers are dedicated to, and most importantly the plot isn’t too ambitious.

Marvel’s Agent Carter has been a wild ride but this episode marks the height of Peggy’s spy games. It’s a mini-series, if it has to be, or it’s the first season of a brand-new franchise. This episode is a turning point in our time with Peggy Carter. She couldn’t have been expected to keep all her problems in their own lanes any longer.

Something big is coming on every front for the final two episodes of Agent Carter. The past two episodes, “The Iron Ceiling” and “A Sin to Err,” have raised the stakes for Peggy and intertwined all the affairs she’s desperately fought to keep apart. And since episode one, one force has been behind the veil moving all the pieces, Leviathan.

It could be argued that Leviathan’s presence has been the cause for almost every major moment in Agent Carter thus far this season. Their insight is sinister — Is it me or are they always one step ahead?

“The Iron Ceiling” brought back the beloved Howling Commandos from Captain America: The First Avenger for a mission that finally put Peggy back in the field and even attempted to make us see Agent Thompson as a new man. While the Howling Commandos were really just a headline for the preview, the most important thing we learn in this episode is the nature of the mysterious Dottie. It’s revealed that Leviathan is raising young women as spies to blend in with the general public.

At this point, it seems like Leviathan’s influence is endless. They send the message to try and lure the S.S.R. to Russia, while using their undercover agent Dottie to learn that Peggy has been their nemesis all along. It may have been by accident but Leviathan has secured a way to burrow deep into Peggy’s life.

Whether they planned this or not, it seems like Leviathan’s greatest ally is the S.S.R. While Peggy voiced her claim that Stark technology seems to be in play without the presence of Tony Stark himself the S.S.R. still focuses its attention on proving a connection. So much so that they seem to miss a possible connection that Peggy is keen to spot.

In “A Sin to Err” Peggy suspects one of the women spies Leviathan trained most likely slept with Tony Stark — Oh, Bob Downey, you dog — and then broke into his vault. Dooley, who still suspects Stark, albeit publicly, gives Carter permission to look into her lead and of course she finds her mark.

But like I mentioned earlier, the S.S.R. maybe be hurting Peggy more than it ever helped her. Agent Sousa finally puts together the puzzle of Agent Carter’s involvement in the hunt for Leviathan or as he sees it, her connections to Tony Stark. Now a fugitive, Peggy seeks to secure the vial of Steve Rodgers, a.k.a. Captain America’s blood. Inevitably Peggy is caught by Agent’s Thompson and Sousa. Is it all bad? No. Right before the agents locate Peggy she’s accosted by Dottie, who acts quickly and sedates her and begins to execute her orders only to be interrupted.

If this hadn’t been all bad enough, Ivchenko, is definitely more than a Russian psychiatrist. He’s an agent of Leviathan who is working with Dottie to kill Agent Carter and steal back the technology she secured for the S.S.R. and if that wasn’t enough he capable of hypnotizing anyone with his mysterious ring. This seems like a big play from Leviathan, who up until now, had been playing things very close to the chest. It seems like their desperation has risen since Peggy’s raid of their Russian facility. The only logical reason for this is that she’s on to something. If Peggy can prove the merits of her work to Agent’s Thompson and Sousa, not to mention Chief Dooley, she could finally put Leviathan on the ropes.

The next episodes of Agent Carter will be collision of very powerful forces and Peggy will be at the center of it all. Leviathan seeks to kill Agent Carter, but now she’s under their custody and more importantly their protection. Very specific things have to happen for the other to occur so don’t expect Peggy to hold anything back. She knows her life is at risk due to Dottie but she’ll have her hands full proving her innocence.

Marvel’s Agent Carter approaches its penultimate raising more questions that it will sure answer but the feeling is growing that what Peggy has stumbled on today has implications to the rest of the entire Marvel Universe which was just enriched by the inclusion of Spider-Man just this week.