Sick of SEC Bias? Me too.

Posted by Cole Frederick on October 30, 2014 · 8 mins read

[caption id=”attachment_1539” align=”alignnone” width=”300”]ESPN launched the SEC Network in anticipation of College Football's first playoff season. As the country is divided between SEC friends and foes, it is difficult to remember why we watch the games in the first place — that sports are fun. (Official logo of ESPN/SEC Network) ESPN launched the SEC Network in anticipation of College Football’s first playoff season. As the country is divided between SEC friends and foes, it is difficult to remember why we watch the games in the first place — that sports are fun. (Official logo of ESPN/SEC Network)[/caption]


All over the country people are losing their minds about ESPN, the SEC football conference and the supposed conspiracy that Bristol is out to elevate the Southeast football powers into the national playoff. Here to jut themselves firmly and proudly into the argument is Cole Frederick.

The first rankings for the College Football Playoff were announced and the results were appalling. It’s well known by this point that the left wing, socialist media – especially ESPN – is filled with bias toward the SEC. Four teams from the SEC are in the top six, and it’s clear to me that the people on this committee have a pro-SEC agenda. It needs to be fixed before it ruins the integrity of this sport.

Let’s take a look at all the overrated teams from the SEC in the top 11 of the new rankings:

11. Georgia – Who have they beaten? Am I supposed to be impressed by wins over Troy and Vanderbilt? No way. The SEC East is the worst Power 5 division and Georgia couldn’t even make it through without a loss. Verdict: OVERRATED

6. Alabama – Yeah, Nick Saban has three national championships at Alabama. But you know what he doesn’t have? An ACC championship. Bama barely beat Arkansas and they’re supposed to be the sixth best team in the country? Verdict: OVERRATED

4. Ole Miss – Another SEC team that hasn’t beaten anyone. They beat an overrated Alabama team, and their next best win is over a terrible Texas A&M team. That screams SEC BIAS to me. This is what we get for having a woman on the playoff committee. Verdict: OVERRATED

3. Auburn – Speaking of Condoleezza Rice, did you know she was born in Alabama? That explains two Alabama teams being ranked in the top six. Auburn is the same team that “employed” $cam Newton at quarterback to win a national championship. And it’s an even bigger $cam that they’re the highest ranked one-loss team. Verdict: OVERRATED

1. Mississippi State – I guess they should be in the top four since they’re undefeated, but I have one word to describe their schedule: WEAK. This team gave up over 30 points to UAB. Verdict: OVERRATED

It’s my job to give the people a fair and balanced Top 10. (Why is it my job? Because the same people that poo-poo the wisdom of a Bill O’Reilly or a Glenn Beck are the same one’s who shouldn’t be trusted with choosing the first ever College Football Playoff. And I’m here to spread TRUTH.)

1. Florida State (7-0) The defending national champion. You can’t tell me an SEC team belongs here when the Seminoles completely owned the SEC last year.

2. Marshall (8-0) It’s an absolute joke that Marshall isn’t ranked. They’re undefeated. The closest margin of victory for Marshall is 15 points. Mississippi State only beat LSU by five. Also, did Matthew McConaughey ever portray an SEC coach in a movie? Nope. (Unless Les Miles drives a Lincoln…)

3. Mississippi State (7-0) The Bulldogs are 7-0 now but they are about to be exposed soon.

4. Duke (6-1) Duke won its division in the ACC last year, and the ACC is home to the defending national champion. This only makes sense. The only loss for Duke is to powerhouse Miami on the road. That’s more excusable than losing to Ole Miss on the road (looking at you, Nick Saban).

5. Ohio State (6-1) Ohio State’s only loss is to Virginia Tech, but that’s okay because the Hokies are in the best conference in football. The Buckeyes are undefeated in the Big 10, which is another conference superior to the weak SEC.

6. Oregon (7-1) Oregon is what Texas A&M wishes it could be.

7. East Carolina (6-1) The Pirates are 2-0 in the ACC. This is a legitimate national title contender.

8. Nebraska (7-1) The Cornhuskers have already proven that they have what it takes to win a close game after they defeated McNeese State 21-14. That’s an impressive win. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear about that because the media was too busy talking about some meaningless game in the SEC.

9. Oklahoma (5-2) I know the Sooners have two losses, but you just can’t forget about that blowout victory over Alabama last year in the Sugar Bowl. Also, Oklahoma destroyed Tennessee. Did Alabama do that? Or Georgia? The answer is an emphatic no. Big Game Bob Stoops owns the SEC.

10. Utah (6-1) The Utes also beat a Nick Saban team in the Sugar Bowl. That’s enough to crack the Top Ten.

Extra Points

• Did you see where Auburn scheduled a home-and-home with Cal? Embarrassing. Schedule a real contender like Duke.

• It’s not like the SEC schools are superior academic institutions either. I heard a story about someone at Ole Miss who skipped more than 20 classes in a semester and still came out with a B. I don’t think that could happen at a school like North Carolina.

• Will Muschamp is employed by an SEC school; he attended another. This conference is terrible.

• The SEC has head coaches named Gustav (Malzahn), Leslie (Miles) and Lyle (Butch Jones). Why do people love this conference?

• Together, we can fix this SEC bias problem. The SEC has three teams in the top four right now (thanks, Obama), but that won’t last if we dedicate ourselves to the cause of eliminating SEC bias. Let’s all pull for the ACC and Big 10 to take over college football because it’s happening sooner rather than later.

(Editor’s Note: We still think you should give this Auburn vs. Ole Miss game a shot on Saturday. Overrated, underrated or properly rated — purely as a sporting event — we think you won’t be disappointed.)